Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Scout . 2009

Getting Started

Well, I have been meaning to do this for some time, but didn't. Obviously. So here I am now. One of my biggest reasons for avoiding a blog of any sort is that I didn't really have anything to say. Of course if you know me, you would probably find this unbelievable, but seriously. What do I have to contribute that anyone should desire to read?

Well, I think it is turning out to be more than I thought. In addition to being an aspiring illustrator I am also trying to get this National studio movement thing going (name pending consensus). Let's just call us the Fortunato 500 for now. It sounds all big and sweeping, and who knows, it might be. For now it is just several of us who had the fortune to meet and get mutually organized. (Room 112! Woot Woot). I am also a 31 year old father of 17.5 mo. twin girls, Sara and Julia, and a moderately successful comic & game store owner for 5+ years.

Having weathered one storm after another, a good friend got me out of my comfort zone and has pushed and prodded me down this path. Now that I am on it, I am amazed daily by the wonderful talent that I encounter and am dazzled and discouraged at every turn. I hope that this will keep me motivated and humbled as I go along.

So back to the real question: Why do I (you) care and why should I follow this? As someone with alot of inhibitions and delays, I think it is an invaluable resource to others like me who are getting a later start on their dreams and ambitions. If I had possessed such a resource, maybe I would have done things sooner/better/disastrously. Who knows? But here I am now and I want to make sure others can benefit from the things I learn along the way. Donato (Giancola) really impressed me with a series of comments he made at Illuxcon 09. He felt that all of his success and opportunities were built on the backs of those that had come before him. Whether it be the Waterhouses of the world that inspired him, or the ad mentor that had helped place him, he did not accomplish on his own. It is a very generous and humbling thought and I think it should be taken to heart by any and all of us; regardless of talent or ability. It is my goal to be able to do the same.

Sooooo check back if you will for more of my musings and feel free to send me a link to yours. Reacharounds are common courtesy after all. :)

Happy New Year.