Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Summoning - a Study

So I am going to attempt getting in one more piece before IMC in 1.5 weeks. This summer/Fall I am going to try and break into the Horror Con circuit and figured I needed a few more dark pieces in my folio. So I thought, how's about I start with a little demonic summoning? What could be more American than a little Satannic conjuring? Beers and Beelzebubbery? Heck if I know. Here is the prelim sketch. Big shout out to Soutchay Soungpradith for getting me to play with smoke and creating boundaries in an image only to break them. This should be fun!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mobicon Review

So I thought I would continue reviewing back as far as March to give folks an in-depth review of conventions. I have some cookies baking, so now's as good a time as any.

Mobile, Al

1.) A relatively inexpensive con. ($60)
2.) A few friendly and well-meaning staff members
3.) A very casual atmosphere
4.) Cheap hotels right off the coast
5.) Very friendly attendees
6.) Cheap movie tickets

1.) Very low attendance con; around 400 if I had to guess
2.) A few too many smug/self-important staff members I know that's not new, but at small shows it seems really disproportionate
3.) Very locally social con so the vendors were very local shop feeling and most people were there just to dress up and see each other dressed up (again nothing new)
4.) Very congested setup space
5.) Mobile is kind of scary at night


Not a bad little show. A bit out of the way, but if they expand a little bit into a larger venue, it could be worth going to. In the meantime, I would give it a C for being pleasant but relatively ineffectual for an art dealer.

Would I go back? If I was an Art Guest of Honor I would. I think bringing in someone like me, or more accurately, who I will be in a year or so, would be an infusion of fresh blood in an otherwise stagnant environment. A new look and some fresh talent would go a long way down South.

The cookies are done, so I'm off. Be back soon with new projects and a review of ConGlomeration.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My take on Imagicon

I have decided to start writing reviews of the shows I attend. Not only will it help me remember the shows, but will also help guide others in their travel choices


So having just returned home from a frustrating and exhausting day on the road is probably nto the bets time to start reviewing my recent experience. That said, I think it will be focused and cathartic.

Let's start with the:


1.) The staff was very accommodating. We were asked all weekend if we needed anything and they helped us unload when we got there. Kelly,m the Art Show director, was very helpful and relatively ever-present. She apologized profusely and tried to make us comfortable. An ASD who is humble and attempting to be helpful? Believe it.
2.) The Art Show was sturdy and reasonably well lit.
3.) They provided us with a nice "green room" and lunch and dinner were provided in a partitioned section.
4.) Free Refills!
5.) Kelly let us hang art in the show at no cost. Admittedly, the walls were bare and my work was a significant contribution, but it was a nice gesture.


1.) The design of the event was horrendous. I am sure there were size limitations and innumerable other factors in their decisions, but the spacing of events over 3 buildings seemed more designed to keep the guests comfortably away from all of the different vendors. Short story : We paid more than the guests and our needs should have been the most important. Good vendors and celebrities bring the guests out.
2.) Over-priced. $125 for a new con in a new venue is steep. Coupled with our terrible location makes me feel downright cheated.
3.) As disorganized as can be. Folks didn't even know there was an art show behind us. They tried to point folks in our direction, but being situated in the middle of a science exhibit and off to the side, guests seemed surprised and confused by our presence. This one really felt like some Mickey Mouse Shenanigans.
4.) Design revisited. This one needs 2 slots. There was never a steady stream of traffic past our entire section of the show. People were being dispersed instead of funnelled and only seemed to be exploring the building when they found us. I really can't even find the words to describe how poorly spaced, placed, and jacked we were.
5.) It was so bad I feel that there should be a 5. So 5 stands for lame sauce.
6.) I had to wait 55 minutes for someone to check me out only to find out they could have done it all along. When the director returned, it still took over an hour and 4 people to figure out how to check me out of the show. Friendly staff, but not competent in the means and methods of an Art Show.

Overall I would give this show a D+. Would I go back? I would go back as a featured guest and if the location was changed. I could accept the current location if the overall flow and placement was completely redesigned and the costs re-evaluated. Even if I didn't have to pay, I wouldn't want the others to have to struggle so hard to break even. That venue is not appropriate.

All said, I had a good weekend with some buds, started a whole new line of merchandise, and did some very cool character portraits. I may post some here, but will definitely throw them up on Facebook. Hope this helps!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Soul Cages

and here is what I ended up with. The Scans don't do any justice to this, but in the end, what does? Anybody have any equipment tips or program tricks to bring a scan to life? I built a home photo studio, but that really only works for large canvases. Maybe I'll just lug it to IMC and Illuxcon... Thanks for all the help guys!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Alrighty guys, I could really use some help here. This is shaping up to be one of the best illustrations I have done so far, and I don't want to jack it. The top pic is where I am at so far. The tone is much darker in the photo than in the piece. The second image is a photoshopped study of where I am taking it. I really need some advice here. Compositionally I think it is sound and I don't think the number of elements is overwhelming. What do you guys see? What is your reaction. Thanks for the extra eyes, minds and voices. G

Monday, May 3, 2010


So I am here on a little getaway with my wife (first one in about 5 years) and have managed to fit some painting in on the Muse piece. Changed a few things around although what is evident is only the anatomy of the piece and doesn't really reflect the atmosphere I will develop. Still it is nice to see it starting to develop some life of its own. This is about 2.5-3 hrs of the acrylic under-painting.