Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Prep for Dragon Con

Hey there all! I know I haven't been posting much lately, but I have been very busy. Time kind of slipped sideways on me and DragonCon is only a week away! Since GenCon I finished the 3rd SP piece (already posted), and have been developing 2 Dragonrider bookcovers. Bold and ambitious to say the least! I have been experimenting with a looser style of painting while maintaining the accuracy of lighting that maquettes supply. To this end I have been laboriously sculpting my dragon form using Green stuff and some McFarlane dragon toys as a base. I pretty much shave down all the McFarlane studios stuff to get a rough dragon "Blank" and then get to work over it. In the future I think I will just use Sculpey to get the proportions I want. The MF Dragons gave me all kinds of neat fiddly bits to play with, and the Wings are decent in the pinch I am in. Still feels kind of lame. Anyways, I will post pics as I finish these up, and if you are in the Atlanta area over Labor Day, stop by DragonCon and see the work in person!

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