Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Illuxcon 3 and Me

So when asked about my trip to Illuxcon, I had the following words to say

Well, I went to the show to rock out with some of my best friends, and rock out we did. I rolled up with Sam and Mike and Paul Bielaczyc and we shared adjoining rooms. I romped and stomped and threw one heck of a room party. I didn't sign up for any reviews, because I didn't see any need. My portfolio kind of stopped progressing after Dragoncon with all my life's shenanigans. Instead I just focused on cementing the relationships I had begun this past year. The anniversary of my painting genesis was profound for me on many levels. I wanted to celebrate that thoroughly. (pssst- I did)

The panels were alright but were missing a lot of the punch of last year. Having so many heavy hitters cancel the show brought a level of freshness to the floor but a serious lack in austerity and grandeur.Still, most of the work was fantastic and Michael and Audrey made it in late as a bonus surprise. I bought a few original works including Dan's Implied Spaces, Drew Baker's Fire Dragon, and a personal piece of William O'Connor's.

Saturday night I butchered 2 songs with a live band and my best bud Michael Bielaczyc.

I feel like Illuxcon is a source of renewal for me. Not just the artistic inspiration, but a good opportunity to re-evaluate myself as an artist in this environment. I am a 32 year old single father who is embarking on a chosen path. My art is distinct and improving. I feel that this is truly an advantage. Many of the artists I saw this weekend feel lost and confused to me. Maybe they weren't ready for stardom. Maybe they just never had a solid life of their own outside of their art. Whatever the reason, I felt like I was one of the more grounded, albeit enthusiastic, artists there. I know who I am and have faith that my work will grow stronger because of my depth of character. At this point I feel like my lack of art experience is no longer a detraction when compared to my real world life's experience.

Whatever helps me get over a hangover I suppose...

Still, it was great to see so many friends in one place. Oh, and Corina ST Martin's jewelry kicks butt and was very well received here at home.

As far as new work, I am waiting on the scans for September Falling to come back, ad I have just finished Pipe Dreams. I will be starting a new Illustration tonight and will be sure to keep you guys updated. Till then, enjoy this photo from Dudecon 2 '010.

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