Sunday, January 30, 2011

A quickie

Sorry for the delay in posting. So much has been happening in a short period of time. Tron costumes, conventions, paintings and lawsuits oh my! As I am developing I am going to have a regular posting schedule and update day. Anyways, on to the news!

I attended Chattacon 36 last weekend and had a dandy time. I spent the weekend painting in the art show (progress pic above), running around in my beta Tron Costume, and selling a few originals. Since the show I have finished the painting I was working on and am currently working on an interior illo for World of Uteria and another portfolio piece called triptych. The maquette I built for Triptych will be converted in an upcoming Steampunk airship piece. I told you 2011 would be off thee hook. Anyways, I will get my review of Chattacon out in the next few days and will hopefully have a final scan of Final Dawn to you guys by Friday.

You guys take care out there and kick some ass for me!

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