Saturday, February 6, 2010

Master Studies

So after Adopting Dave Rapoza's (Crimson Daggers) weekly schedule concept, I decided to finally start cranking out my Master Studies. I am choosing specific areas of works that are either influential to me or have an art lesson I wish to learn embedded within them. Then I divide that quantity by a couple thousand and do one a week. The first one is Michael Whelan's Cover for Changeling Sea. I don't really want to put more than 2-4 hours in each of these ( I think this one came in at around 3.5), but I am sure I will break that rule as I go along. For the time being these will all be 8x10 and intended to capture specific elements of the painting. For Changeling, I really wanted to work on the drastic contrast of rimmed highlights. I was less concerned about the accuracy of clothing and hair, but going more for a deeper understanding of the light.

Next week's image will be Phil Hale's Poorly Casanova.

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