Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vantage Point...of View

Hey guys! So after some great advice and direction, I decided to work back into this pretty heavily. I really felt like the previous iteration had non-cohesive elements that just kind of bounced you around rather than guide you. While this piece is still about 7 hrs from being done, I still wanted to toss it out here for review. Being a stay at home dad in the South, I don't get very much feedback at all on my work. My thanks to all of you guys who are already pushing me to do better and giving me forum for discussion.

Oh, and this week's study is about half done and will be up in the next few days. I have been delayed because the girls brought a head cold home from day-school and the whole family has been down with it. There is nothing more pathetic than snotty, coughing, tired 19mos old twins.

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