Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mobicon Review

So I thought I would continue reviewing back as far as March to give folks an in-depth review of conventions. I have some cookies baking, so now's as good a time as any.

Mobile, Al

1.) A relatively inexpensive con. ($60)
2.) A few friendly and well-meaning staff members
3.) A very casual atmosphere
4.) Cheap hotels right off the coast
5.) Very friendly attendees
6.) Cheap movie tickets

1.) Very low attendance con; around 400 if I had to guess
2.) A few too many smug/self-important staff members I know that's not new, but at small shows it seems really disproportionate
3.) Very locally social con so the vendors were very local shop feeling and most people were there just to dress up and see each other dressed up (again nothing new)
4.) Very congested setup space
5.) Mobile is kind of scary at night


Not a bad little show. A bit out of the way, but if they expand a little bit into a larger venue, it could be worth going to. In the meantime, I would give it a C for being pleasant but relatively ineffectual for an art dealer.

Would I go back? If I was an Art Guest of Honor I would. I think bringing in someone like me, or more accurately, who I will be in a year or so, would be an infusion of fresh blood in an otherwise stagnant environment. A new look and some fresh talent would go a long way down South.

The cookies are done, so I'm off. Be back soon with new projects and a review of ConGlomeration.

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