Monday, April 26, 2010


So here is a quick work and some thoughts on what I have been up to. I sketch all the time and do daily anatomy studies. each day I focus on a new body sytem drawing only the component parts. Ex: Monday -heads, Tues - Hands, Wed - Torso, Thurs - Arms, Friday - Full Body. This way I spend more time learning about the area involved and less about crafting an entire image. Sketches range from 90 second faces/hands to 5 min. torsos/bodies. It has really helped out and I recommend the practice.

In addition to this, I have also started a series of super-studies. These are paintings like the one above (Horseface Triumphant) and the subject matter will vary. The idea is to keep painting; even when I am depressed, discouraged or frustrated. I maintain the painting momentum, produce work of varying quality and get to work out images quickly that probably don't warrant the full process. Horseface Triumphant took about 3.5 total hours in Oils on Gessoed Clayboard (8x10). Most of the time spent was just getting the paint applied.

In this vein, I am also going to start...Fairy Painting. That's right: Fairies. Not my usual fare, but I really need more marketability while I tour the con circuit. Do Gamers in mobile want bad-ass robot paintings or a kitsche-y Fairy on a toadstool? No brainer. In addition to the revenue stream from prints, postcards and original sales, I plan to do these in a Waterhouse, Burne-Jones, Rosetti Style. Give it the PR mood and composition while using it personally as an elaborate figure study. Naked chicks with wings if it is more palatable.

And that is my story for the moment. Mobicon and Imagicon in May, IMC in June, personal painting in July, Gencon in August and Dragon Con in Sept. (if any of you want to pop by and get stupid). I'll try and post more, but know that I am watching you and stuff that sounds creepy. Peace out!


  1. Art is a reflection of the self. You paint something that hopefully achieves that accurate reflection that can then be shared by someone else. They see it, it speaks to them. They hopefully want to possess it. What does it say about us that we want naked fairies? What does it mean that you probably have to paint naked fairies to get people to want to possess your art? It's regrettable but necessary. Maybe that speaks more about our inner nature than I have considered. That depresses me.

  2. I think I have to choose not to dwell on it. Maybe my inner nature just doesn't speak to that many people. It is a good thing that I get my jokes...