Monday, June 14, 2010

IMC Day 2

Day 2

With the arduous task of trying to sleep out of the way, I started the day ready to work. I had to wait until 11am to get my piece printed out at 18x24, so I doodled and doddled around for a bit. I really should have used this time to composite my precision sketches, but instead I drew that damn bike, in detail, for the umpteenth time. I am starting to realize I should be doing this all the time. It was at this time that I finally got to meet James Gurney. He was upstairs touring around and happened to be back critiquing near my semi-final drawing. As he rounds the corner I hear “Oh Wow! Whose is this?”. He loved my idea and delivery and then seemed delighted by my model Jetbike.


Here are the main reasons I built the bike:

1.) I knew I would need the reference.

2.) I wanted to impress James Gurney

3.) I still love to build models

4.) I wanted to impress James Gurney

5.) If my concept sucked, at least I could show my dedication with my model

6.) See 2 and 4

We talked about this kit bash and different glues for a bit and I got a pat on the back (literally) and a Gurney smile. Score!

After a moderately brief visit to the print shop I snagged my drawing, had some lunch and head off to the James Gurney lecture. Needless to say I own Gurney’s first Art guide, Imaginative Realism, and it has been inspiring. But to have him present his thoughts and ideas was a real treat for everybody. His pleasant delivery and easy jokes just made me feel relaxed and delighted. Plus, in the middle of his lecture, he references talking with me specifically about modeling reference. I was done. Wheeeee.

Most of the afternoon was spent fleshing out the final transfer image and I got the first stage of mounting done with Sam’s help. Sam Flegal is a great friend and a valuable reference. Check out his blog if you haven’t yet. When I think of Sam, the Golden Girls theme song always pops in my head. Thanks buddy.

Dinner was knocked out with no ceremony and I headed over to the Donato and Manchess multiple figure demo. 2 hours of the artists’ inspirations, preparation and direction and I am left feeling lazy and overly inspired. These guys talk about the most technical concepts in the most basic and casual terms. The combination provokes a very challenging blend of emotional responses. I think if I can overcome my personal obstacles and make myself push harder, I might one day far down the road develop ownership of these concepts. Uggghhh

The next 5 hours are spent mounting my final and shooting references for my second piece: a steampunk version of Beauty and the Beast. The lovely Anna Christenson posed as the short, spunky mechanic in what should be a fun piece. I don’t really care too much if I finish this one while here, but I really wanted some figure/clothing work with Dan. If I can knock the composition and her role out, I will be satisfied. Feeling like I had made it over the hump, I tooled around with the guys and had a few drinks. Talked with Dan about picking up one of his originals in the (hopefully near) future. He is going to go through his remaining work and pick out a few pieces that are particularly technical AND cool. Dan Dos San Tos remains one of my favorite artists and if you are not familiar with his name, you ARE familiar with his work. Now if only I could get Fortunato out to IMC…

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