Monday, June 14, 2010



Day 1

Sooooo. Saturday, June 12th. After a terrible night’s rest, and a decent breakfast, we rushed over to the studio to get a good spot. I set up in a window corner with the rest of the Drawn Today guys, bookended by the inestimable Aaron Miller and the lovely Kim Kincaid, and prepared for the whatever. Rebecca Guay started off the day with an introductory greeting and slideshow. It left me feeling incredibly emotional and in a state of turmoil that would not subside for the rest of the day.

From there, we rolled upstairs and started the sketch critiques. In a moment of mixed blessings, my sketch went first. It was well received and well critiqued and left me in shambles. Nah not really, but it was encouraging and humbling at the same time.

After our Safety lecture at 1:00 we went back to the studio for 4 more hours of critiques. What a tough time. I made sure to pay attention to each sketch and review; both out of politeness and for the valuable information. Got a few sketches of the bike done in that time; a few of which paved the way for the final.

After dinner, we headed over to the Photo reference lecture. Donato and Rebecca walked us through the basics and then the particulars of not only shooting your references, but how to choose the right pic and how to embellish your work off of it. This was a great lecture in both the application and the worth. We hear and say to not be a slave to your reference but this lecture really struck home with me. Can’t wait to bring this level of clarity and decision making to my own work.

With the reference lecture finished, we headed back to the studio for a very frustrating 6 hours of doodling and dwelling. In my search for criticism and direction, I started to feel really desperate and self-conscious. Once I finally cornered DDS and got him to really comment on the quality of my new direction, I felt much better. Of course, it was only at this point that he said he thought the original was badass and just needed to be tweaked. Ah well….

Instead of staying up till 5 drinking, I decided to call it a day and went back to the room for some much needed but undelivered rest.

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