Tuesday, June 15, 2010

IMC Day 3

Wow. So where to begin. I started the day off tired but resolved and set off to lay in some paint. I got to work right away and was treated to a visit from Mr. James Gurney. He loved the dynamism of my concept and thought the execution was looking good. We talked some more about jetbikes, kit-bashing and was given an insight into the Gurney legacy. Apparently they are all pioneers and inventive folk. One of his ancestors, Goldworthy Gurney was a steam inventor who was forced out of business by Luddites and Railroad tycoons in the mid 1800's. Sweet. This was a very big pick me up in a (so far) frustrating experience. Then, to top it off, he asked to take pictures of my bike. Instead, we posed holding it together and he ended up posting the photo on his blog. Could it get better? I told him how his book shad always been a very special thing between my mother and I and how he was one of my great inspirations. His response: "That means alot to me coming from you. Your work amazes me and I look forward to reading your book." The expectation gauntlet has been thrwon and I will not disappoint.

After lunch Mr Gurney gave a lecture on/from his book Imaginative realism. A long time follower of his blog (The Gurney Journey), and owner of his book, I was still fascinated by his delivery of the material and the breadth of his knowledge. He even went so far as to mention our conversation and me by name. This guys is a fountain of inspiration!

Got back to painting and was smiles and roses. Until...

Dan (Dos San Tos) cornered me on the way back from dinner and requested I wipe my painting and start again with his guidance. He really wanted me to develop the process correctly. A big, fat, deep breath and a leap of faith later, I was back (literally) to the Drawing board. He came over and got me started on the right path. Laying in (slowly) my background, then mid ground, foreground and focal point. Of course I was only able to lay in a few background elements before calling it quits around 4:30am. Uggh.

Still, Dan is a hell of a guy, and I came here to be challenged and to learn the right way to do things. I know it will work out, but it was still a reality check: I have a long way to go.

As you guys eagerly await tomorrows post, a day that I am still experiencing if only in duration, I will leave you with a non-existing image: the painting as I had it when I killed it. Wheeee..cough.cough... *(positive) sigh*

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