Wednesday, June 16, 2010

IMC Day 4

Day 4

Uggghhh. I know I am supposed to remain confident at all times, but this day was a punch in the jeans. I got up a little late and headed back to the trenches. I will preface the rest of this post with "Thank you Dan." He has given me a plan and a method to attack my future paintings and this is what I needed.

Steering a course through turbulent wind in a new ship.

That is what this feels like. I know the craft will get me to my destination but it is a bear sailing my way to the end. I painted all day until 3 am and got a few background elements done. Slow, steady and with a heavy heart.

In between bouts of Alligator wrestling (figurative), caught a great lecture on Color and Light from James Gurney. Later on, Scott and Dan gave us a peak into their process. Very cool stuff and mostly just a routine of painting. More to come!

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