Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back to basics

Alrighty. So I'll shoot some of the WIP tomorrow, but I thought I would drop a quick note while it is on my mind. Eric reminded me of some good advice that I have received before, but probably never quite as poignantly: Paint what you love.

As I explore the work of the many, many talented artists out there, I keep getting inspired to try different things. Oooh oooh I'll do a Prescott beastie with a Whelan sunset and a Brom texture but I also want it to have the emotional appeal of Fortune with some DDS lighting. (fog horn blows Waaaaa Wahhh). I love getting inspired and moved both in social and artistic moods but there is a time and place for everything. **Here is where the sage would offer his poetic and direct advice and we would all eat cake.** Unfortunately, all I can offer is what I am going to try and do.

Discover what I like and paint what I love. I am still planning on doing an exhaustive series of master studies on my heroes. not only is this the way it has been done for...ever, but it has already started to hone what it is I am really drawn to in a piece. In the Whelan study I started, I couldn't wait to dive in to the lighting but could care less about fingernails. This way, not only can I work through rough areas in my own piece, but I can also really etch that info into my visual/manual lexicon in a very tangible and lasting way. (Watta sentence!)

Anyways, since I really am doing this to connect with and help all you other beginners, if you find yourself in this spot, overwhelmed and ready to burst, take a moment and do a study. It might work for you. If nothing else, you've got some cool stuff to put on your wall.

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