Monday, January 11, 2010

Send me your prints!

Alrighty. The holidays are over and Chris and I have gotten about 10 paintings up and displayed in the shop. I will be printing out the gallery cards today so now we are ready for prints from you guys. As you guys are preparing your packages to send, make sure you let me know how much you need per print to make as consignment. Remember these 3 things:

1.) How much do I (you) expect to profit from each print
2.) How much would the shipping be (est.) per print
3.) with a %20-30 markup would someone still buy this print?

These should guide your print needs.

Again, the idea for this venture is to showcase work from aspiring and working professionals from around the country. I know Michael Whelan and Dan Dos Santos will be featured and I am still hoping to get Eric Fortune, Steve Prescott, RK Post and any of you other big guys to enhance the pot. My phone number is 615-828-4457 if any of you want to call me up and discuss details. Get back to me!

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