Sunday, January 3, 2010

I, Galatea

So this is one I have been messing around with for the past week or so. I started it out as an underpainting in Acrylic but decided to go all the way with the beloved/hated latex medium. I really feel that this is more in the tone of my previous work as far as the process goes.

1.) Have Quirky Idea
2.) Sketch Quirky Idea
3.) Start Painting Quirky Idea
4.) Get Bored with Quirky Idea and Rush Through the last hour or so.

After completing step 4 this time, I deliberately took a day off and came back in to polish up. I still think some areas are pretty unrefined, but I don;t know as this painting calls for much more. Basic crafting issues aside, I am pretty pleased with this 7 hour piece.

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