Friday, January 15, 2010

A quickie

Tip of the Day: Don't give up. I picked back up on a piece I had started before my mini-crisis and reached an impasse after an hour or so. The idea was stale and I didn't care about finishing the bastard at all. Hating to not finish something I had started, I walked away for a bit and came back with a new perspective. I still feel it is a bit forced, but it was definitely salvageable. Another hour's work and I enhanced it further. Now I have a sellable painting that should probably move some prints. A Spectrum winner it is not, but still not too shabby. A pic will be posted soon.

The point is that I could have wimped out and ran away, but by coming at it from another direction, it turned out okay. Don't marry every piece, but don't walk away without a second chance. (Yes, I'm still talking about painting)

And on the Spectrum note, The Scout is on its way to briefly stand amongst the giants.

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